Jim Sorgi: In the Shadow of the Mannings

Always a backup, never a Manning. That seems to be the story with former Avon, Indiana resident Jim Sorgi, an NFL quarterback who has yet to see a full game on the turf. While he’s been a great backup for Peyton Manning for the past six years, you have to imagine that Sorgi hoped for […]

Bruce Kopp: Central Indiana Television Personality

Though many famous people from Avon, Indiana are nationally recognized, whether it’s in the racing world (Larry Dixon, Chet Fillip) or the acting world (Steve Talley), there are a few that are more hometown heroes than famous faces. One such person is Indianapolis media personality Bruce Kopp, a veteran of television and radio in the […]

Steve Talley: Slowly Rising Actor from Avon

While several famous actors and actresses have come from Indianapolis and the surrounding Indiana cities, Avon, Indiana only has one actor from within its borders, and “famous” is not the first word most would use to describe him. Best well known for his roles in two American Pie movies (American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile […]

Sergio Gomez: Duranguense Singer, Musical Martyr

Avon, Indiana seems like an unlikely place to spawn a group of musicians sporting tubas, trombones, and synths. Duranguense is a Mexican genre of music, closely tied to banda and norteƱo, played with an odd ensemble of sax, trombone, a tuba bass line, and, in keeping with modern times, lots of synthesizers. You might expect […]

Chet Fillip: Racing’s Jack of All Trades

Some people are born with steering wheels in their hands and gasoline in their veins. These people have a knack for hopping in any vehicle and instantly bonding with it, making it bend to their will and slip around curves like butter. It doesn’t matter what it is–tractor, pickup, stock car, space shuttle–these people feel […]

Larry Dixon: Top Fuel Champion from Avon, Indiana

Aside from basketball, racing is the most celebrated sport in Hoosier country. The home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and countless other race tracks, big and small, Indiana loves speed. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that a number of famous Indiana people are affiliated with a racing community, whether it’s NASCAR, midget cars, or drag racing. One […]