Unexpected Fun at Monster Mini Golf

golf-authorI found myself in Avon by accident. I never meant to end up there, but when my car ran out of gas and I realized I had left my wallet 4 miles down the road. My only option was to ask the local Avonians to take me in for the night. The sweetest girl took me in and asked what I would like to do during my short stay in Avon. There were¬†so many options I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

She chose Monster Mini Golf for us and boy was it a blast. After a few beers and a good 18 holes, she took me back to her beautiful Avon home (contempory French style) and we continued to lay pipe, we had to fix her plumbing due to the crumby set up she had, all night to Baby Bashes “Sugah Sugah”.

Although my stay in Avon was a total mistake, I would strongly urge any vacationars to head towards Avon and stay many nights to fit in the many activities it has to offer. I worship you Avon.