Avon Home Sales Drop 16.7 Percent in March, 2010

The total number of market.

The average ‘sold’ price for these Avon, Indiana homes was $169,000. This is approximately a 27.4-percent increase over the 12-month average ‘sold’ price of $132,600. The average active price was $231,000.

Homes in Avon spent an average of 97 days on the market. While this is nearly a 33-percent increase over February’s average of 73 days it is 27 percent lower than the 12-month average of 133 days.

The sold-list differential was 94 percent, down 3 percent from the previous month. In fact, the sold-list differential for Avon homes has only once been below 94 percent over the past 15 months, when it hit 91 percent in January. The 12-month average is just a hair below 96 percent.

Buyers paid an average of $69 per square foot compared to $64 in February and $69 in March of 2009. The 12-month average is close to $72.

The absorption rate based on closed sales was 8 percent and the absorption rate based on pended sales was 13.8 percent. There were 12.6 months’ worth of inventory based on closed sales.

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