Avon Real Estate Market July 2009

With attractions like the Metropolis Commons shopping center, people have been moving to the Indianapolis westside now for years. However, the nature of our economy has slowed down the sale of homes nationwide. How is Hendricks County fairing? Recently, the Indiana Association of REALTORS® published a report through Indiana Is Home that compared the sale of homes from July, 2008 to the same month in 2009. Much like the rest of the nation, most Central Indiana homes saw a decrease in the number of homes sold. Specifically, from July to July, Hendricks County decreased 10.2% selling 207 homes this year compared to 180 in 2008. The median selling price of homes in this area also dropped 2.8% from $144,000 to $139,945.


With Avon homes, the numbers are very similar. Information gathered from MIBOR shows a 10.2% decrease in homes sold from July 2008 compared to July 2009 with 79 in 2009 compared to 88 sold in 2008. There are 453 current active listings in the Avon real estate market. On the high end, you can find Avon homes for sale for $1,299,000. If you’re not quite ready to spend that kind of money, you can currently find Avon homes for as little as $72,000. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market in this area, you can expect about 1 in 6 homes to sell according to recent sales activity. While these are fairly good odds, there are still ways you can make your home stand out against the competition. Here are few tips:

Trim the landscape. First impressions are everything, as they say, and your home is no exception. If you look at your flower bed and think, “Oh man, that’s going to take a lot of work,” your potential buyers will too. Investing the effort in a little mulching and weeding can go a long way in having potential buyers feel good about your home before they even step food through the front door.

Tidy up. Along with cleaning up the outside, make sure the inside of your home is well-kept too. Simple things like emptying trash and hiding clutter can go a long way. If you find you don’t have room to store away a lot of your extras, make space for these items in your garage while your home is on the market. A messy garage probably won’t matter as much to a buyer as a messy house.

Keep in touch with your Avon REALTOR®. Your agent should be getting periodic feedback from the showings of your home. Ask him what buyers have been saying and make the changes you can accordingly. If your agent isn’t getting much voluntary feedback, ask him to give the buyers agents a call to personally ask for comments and suggestions.

Overall, things seem to be looking up in the Indianapolis, Indiana real estate market and hopefully that will be the case as well for Avon homes, while we still wait out the tough turn in our economy, use these tips to give your home a better chance to stand out.

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