Town Hall Park in Avon Indiana

Town Hall Park comprises 70 acres of prairies, lakes and wetlands.  Several animals and forms of vegetation thrive in the area, and the many walking trails allow you an up-close and personal view.  Picnic tables and playground areas provide a day of fun for kids and adults alike.  This location also houses the famous 18-hole Frisbee Disc Golf Course for a memorable and friendly game of sports!

bicyclists-ride-at-avon-town-hall-parkBicyclists Ride in the Distance at Town Hall Park

avon-town-hallPhoto of Town Hall

park-goer-walks-dog-at-avon-town-hall-parkWalking the Dog

angel-of-hope-at-avon-town-hall-parkAngel of Hope Statue

angel-of-hope-2-at-avon-town-hall-parkAnother Photo of Angel of Hope Statue

dam-at-avon-town-hall-parkDam in Town Hall Park

observation-point-at-avon-town-hall-parkObservation Point at Damn

old-barn-at-avon-town-hall-parkAnd Historic Barn in Town Hall Park

playing-ping-pong-at-avon-town-hall-parkPlaying Ping Pong in Town Hall Park

playing-disk-golf-at-avon-town-hall-parkA Game of Disk Golf

avon-town-hall-parkPond and Trail in the Distance

photo-of-play-area-at-avon-town-hall-parkPlay Area in Town Hall Park

map-of-homes-for-sale-near-avon-town-hall-parkHomes for Sale near Town Hall Park

Avon Town Hall Park
6570 U.S. 36
Avon, IN 46123

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