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Avon Market Falls in January, 2012

There were 296 homes for sale in Avon in January, up 1.4 percent versus the previous month’s total of 292. In comparison, there were 2.4 percent fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis during this same period. Compared to last January’s total of 334 listings in Avon Indiana the inventory was down 11.4 percent, which is […]

Avon Real Estate Market Improves Significantly in December, 2011

Another area of great improvement came in the form of a 10.4-percent decrease in the total number of Avon homes for sale, as there were 292 on the market in December compared to 326 the previous month. In way of comparison, there were 8.4 percent fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis. But an even greater […]

6.1 Percent Fewer Homes for Sale in Avon Indiana in November, 2011

The Avon real estate market experienced a 6.1-percent drop in the total number of homes for sale, from 347 in October to 326 in November.  By way of comparison, there were 4.1 percent fewer homes for sale in Indianapolis during this same period. Compared to last November’s total of 367 Avon listings this is an […]

Avon Real Estate Market No Surprise in June, 2010


You can’t lose two-thirds of your pending sales one month and expect everything to be fine the next month. This was partly true for the Avon real estate market in June, 2010. While total pending sales in Avon, Indiana did rebound from the worst 1-month drop in 15 months, total closed sales were down significantly. […]

Avon Real Estate Report: Available Inventory Based on Pending Sales More than Triples in May, 2010

No pending real estate transaction remains pending forever. Sooner or later, it will either fall apart or realize its destiny as a closed sale. This is exactly what happened in the Avon real estate market in May, 2010. Considering the 15-month high total of 85 pending sales that were waiting to close in April it […]

Avon Home Sales Drop 16.7 Percent in March, 2010

The total number of Avon homes sold in March, 2010 dropped 16.7 percent from January’s total of 36, finishing with just 30 sales. This is also an 18.9-percent drop compared to a year ago in March when 37 homes sold. But compensating for this drop in home sales was an 18.2-percent increase in the total […]

Avon Real Estate Report

Not surprisingly, the number of homes sold in Avon, Indiana jumped significantly from January to reach 34.  This figure, however, is still down from February’s 2009 total of 45 homes sold.  The total number of pending transactions also trended in a positive direction, moving from 29 in January to 36 in February.  However, this figure […]

Avon News Blog Opens

Hi Readers, If you are a REALTOR® currently working in the Avon, Indiana area, consider posting real estate articles in this Avon, Indiana Blog to help grow your business and ours. Contact Mike Woods at 317-578-322o for more information.

Avon Real Estate Market July 2009

With attractions like the Metropolis Commons shopping center, people have been moving to the Indianapolis westside now for years. However, the nature of our economy has slowed down the sale of homes nationwide. How is Hendricks County fairing? Recently, the Indiana Association of REALTORS® published a report through Indiana Is Home that compared the sale […]