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Moms have a lot on their plate. Whether they are staying at home or juggling a career, it is often impossible for women to be everything to everybody all the time. Now moms can start depending on each other for the help they need, and make money to boot. is an Indianapolis business connecting Moms who need help with Moms who have skills. Check out this interactive job board that helps Moms stay super.

Founded in August of 2010, is a casual online community where moms can create employment opportunities for each other. The brand new website allows anyone to hire a skilled mom for a wide range of short-term projects and tasks. Women can offer their skills, set their own price, their own schedule and the distance they are willing to travel. Women are encouraged to post their skills and to post help they need. Browse both boards to make a little extra cash or lighten your busy load.

Founder Cami Back explains, “ is the first site of its kind to tap into the tremendous talents of women many of whom are stay-at-home moms who don’t want to have to put a resume together, don’t want a rigid schedule and would prefer to work around their family schedules.” Moms can bring extra income into their home without the commitment of a full or part time job. The felixibilty offered by the website allows women to pick and choose, when, how and where they work. Plus, the fellow moms enlisting paid help from other moms understand the hectic schedule all moms share.

Back continues, “I’m not sure who is more thrilled. The moms who finally have a place to work a few hours a week, or the moms that are excited to hire out something from their to do list to carve out more quality time with their families.

To get started, head to and start browsing and posting skills you can offer or skills that will make your life easier. All new users have a chance to take a test run of the website during a month long trial before investing in membership. In addition, to celebrate the official launch of this new website, is offering early bird specials with discounted membership rates.

Here is how it works. Moms looking for extra help can define the task they need completed and the time table under which they need it done. All moms posting a skill, set the terms of their employment. When moms connect they negotiate the details of a contract and get to work (or to crossing of an item on their dreaded list).

All registered users have a “dashboard” that allows them to track their interactions throughout the website. With this tool, you can manage your jobs, contact other members, track your postings and more. Co-Founder Stacie Gopsill explains the thought that went into designing their website for moms, by moms: “we put our mom hats on and thought about what we would want to have. We have made it extremely easy and we also thought about the importance of security, so we have features in place that are associated with each user’s profile.” In addition, after each contract is completed, members will give testimonials to spur word of mouth advertising and strong networking.

Right now, this useful website is in Beta-testing, with an initial launch in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. It will only be a matter of time before is an international website with users across the United States and Canada. Skills posted range in scope from home schooling and tutoring to cleaning and organizing to pet care, shopping, computer training, skating lessons and even upholstery.

“Launching this company was definitely driven by a desire to help women regain the person inside the mom by sharing talents and getting talented help,” says Back. “It also represents an opportunity to monetize some of that incredible talent which in our softer economy can only be a plus for moms and families.”

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